In the dark by Deborah Moggach

Maybe it is a bit early to be thinking about holiday reads, but the weather is nice and it is June now. So a mini-review in the Times caught my eye. The book is In the Dark by the reliable Deborah Moggach (though maybe she should stay away from adapting Jane Austen for the screen). From the brief review:

"The Moggach miracle continues  — here’s another vivid, gripping yarn from the author of Tulip Fever. The place is South London, the time is the First World War…….Eithne, a pretty widow with a young son, runs a boarding house  filled with eccentric characters, including a blind communist and a man suffering from shell shock. Oh Eithne, please don’t marry that sinister butcher! Deckchair-book of the month, with a plot as twisty as a mountain road."

Here’s a link to the book on Amazon (UK site). I’ve read half a dozen of Moggach’s previous books and, in the main, enjoyed them immensely.