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Sixty years of images from the Cannes film festival, via Open Culture Blog.

Theatres must develop new material for children, says Lyn Gardner, instead of relying on book adaptations. She is a children’s reviewer who knows what she’s talking about, as she takes children along to the plays she is reviewing for the Guardian.

These years, I look forward to seeing about two films a year at the cinema. Anything with Viggo Mortensten in it (however bad the film, he will deliver — even without a beard I can’t think of anyone else I would rather look at on a movie screen for a couple of hours) and a few others. Atonement is one. I’m pleased, but not surprised, to read that it looks good "mightily impressive", even.

Good meme here from Stephen Lang, in case anyone wants to pick it up.

Tom of Random Thinking has the most lovely review of Murder, She Wrote — the worst TV series ever?

Agricola of Close Reading reviews Notes on a Scandal, a movie starring Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett and based on the book by Zoe Heller, which is on my DVD rental list.

Another review of Jed Rubenfeld’s Interpretation of Murder, this one by De Scribe of Bookends. And Becky of A Book A Week reviews Clare Dudman’s readable and engaging One Day the Ice will Reveal All Its Dead (aka Wegener’s Jigsaw).

If you don’t know what a wiki is and what it can do for you, look here — a post by the experts over at O’Reilly Radar.

For about a year before I started blogging, I tracked website updates and journal tables of contents via Bloglines, a RSS reader. RSS is the most wonderful way to manage the information you want to know but don’t want to know about it until it suits you. Since starting blogging, I use it for all my blog reading, too. A few months ago I switched from Bloglines, the well-established market leader, to Google Reader. Google Reader has been steadily adding new features since then, and now I see from a Problogger post that it has far and away the biggest market share. Interesting times, especially as, as John Battelle and numerous others have reported, Google has now acquired Feedburner, the best web management and distribution tool out there (that I’ve found) .

Many blogs have reported that Amazon is about to provide a "lightening" POD service: here is the Booksellers’ Association blog take.  And here’s a post from Joe Wikert about the Times Emit publishing blog.

OK, off to read a good book now.

(update: the Cannes festival link has been fixed, thanks Dave Lull for p0inting it out.)

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  1. CrimeFicReader has just reminded me about Neil Pearson (in a different context). I don’t mind watching him in mediocre movies either.

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