Eggcorn of the week?

I came across a good eggcorn at work the other day. A colleague had sent an email to a couple of scientists to ask them to be interviewed for an article. The scientists replied that they would be happy to do so, but they were copying in an administrative assistant to the email exchange because she "keeps us on a tight lease".

The mind boggles (either way, actually).

Do you have any good examples of eggcorns?

Isn’t this what it is all about?

Random Jottings of a Book and Opera Lover: Isn’t this what it is all about?.

Ah, the joys of blogging. I couldn’t put it better myself than the post (at the link above) by Elaine — Renaissance Woman, as Typepad famously called her.

Elaine catches her train to work from Colchester to London in the morning at the same time as I catch mine from Kingston to London. She gets her coffee from Costa, I get mine from AMT. Her blog is full of her constructive, positive personality.  I love reading about her reading, her life and her music appreciation. We share the odd tribute to Alan Rickman, Ian Botham and similar heroes of the modern world. How wonderful, that blogging has allowed me to meet her — which I would never have done otherwise.

CrimeFicReader— if you are reading this post, please head on over to Elaine’s blog, you’ll see why when you read the article to which I link above.

More fame for Debra

I was reading the Saturday Times this morning, and got to page 36, "The week on the web", which is a section of briefs.  An entry read:

Fast film

Are attention spans dwindling online? compiles condensed movies. The five-second Titanic, for example, neatly cuts from "this ship is unsinkable" to shot of said boat sinking.

Meanwhile [this is it], will email restless readers the first line of a novel every 12 hours.

Congratulations to Debra! This is brilliant. (The new-look deblog empire is pretty cool, also.)