The June big thrill – The June Big Thrill is here.

The June edition of International Thriller Writers’ webzine is now online at the link above. Here, they say, are just some of the new articles:

  • HEATHER GRAHAM reveals secrets in an exclusive interview by CJ LYONS
  • MARK COMBES’ debut provides Caribbean mystery and suspense in RUNNING WRECKED
  • Bestselling author JAVIER SIERRA writes a haunting and evocative historical tale in THE LADY IN BLUE
  • MIKE LAWSON uncovers spies and criminal operatives in his taut military thriller THE SECOND PERIMETER
  • LADYKILLER is the latest dark tale from the team of LAWRENCE LIGHT & MEREDITH ANTHONY
  • And so much more from the best thriller authors on the planet!

How to be a crank

denialism blog : Crank HOWTO.

"Who wants to know how to be an effective crank? Well, I’ve outlined what I think are the critical components of successful crankiness. Ideally, this will serve as a guide to those of you who want to come up with a stupid idea, and then defend it against all evidence to the contrary."


"If you’re very adventurous, try submitting a paper to a scientific journal. First try big, Science and Nature are ideal. If it’s medicine try the New England Journal or JAMA – they are pretty good examples of the stodgy orthodoxy who will no doubt persecute you. When they reject your paper, remember, you’re just like Galileo, or Einstein. They rejected your ideas because they’re just not ready to accept them. Remember, you’re a skeptic! You’re one of those people keeping science honest by making them consider new ideas (except when they’re very old ideas recycled). Don’t let them brush you off easily, resend your manuscript multiple times. If they reject it claim victory! It means you’re a true original. "

You can read more of this pertinent and familiar work at the link above.

The Sky Blue Parcel reviewed on Euro Crime

As I’ve realised it is the first of June, I’d like to draw attention to the last reviews of May on Euro Crime.  Books reviewed include The Fourth Man by K. O. Dahl,  The Intruders by Michael Marshall (who I’m surprised to discover is British),  and my review of The Sky Blue Parcel by John Nightingale, which I found to be a promising debut but packed with too much incident.

Also featured (link in the Euro Crime post above) is Carla McKay’s May round-up, including reviews of The Rough Guide to Crime Fiction by Barry Forshaw, Season of the Witch by Natasha Mostert, The 50/50 Killer by Steve Mosby, The Lying Tongue by Andrew Wilson and The Unquiet by John Connolly.

You are probably too late for the May competitions, but keep checking Euro Crime, as there are always books and DVDs to be won. And, if you live in the UK and fancy trying your hand at crime-fiction reviewing, take a look here.