Authors talking on video at Google

Authors@Google is advertised as a place where authors can share their ideas and talk about books, stories, research and more. Ryan Sands in the Google Librarian newsletter introduces a dedicated website for the collection of taped talks in Google Video. He writes that the site contains the full (and growing) set of videos from the authors who have visited Google offices in Mountain View and Santa Monica, CA, New York City, Ann Arbor MI, Kirkland WA, Boulder CO, London and Dublin. Since Ryan’s last update, Jonathan Lethem, Strobe Talbott, Bob & Lee Woodruff, Tom Bissell, Allan Brandt, Don Tapscott, Senator Hillary Clinton, Eve Ensler, Jeff Cohen, and Carly Fiorina and others have visited Google to share their thoughts and talk about their books. Ryan would be delighted to share these events with you, so do bookmark our page and visit often, he says.

The most recent addition was on 4 May, in which "author" John McCain visits Google’s Mountain View headquarters for a talk with Eric Schmidt (Google CEO). Here’s the link to the video (I watched only 30 seconds of the introduction so can’t offer an opinion on author or interviewer).

The index page of videos is here, but although you get to it via a click on the Authors@Google page, you seem to be returned all "Google talk" videos, not just authors:  sort yourselves out, Google. However, I did spot Cory Doctorow on the front page, added "6 days ago", among assorted celebrities, politicians, "women" (I kid you not), and yes, other genuine authors.