Identical twins’ first novel

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From today’s Times (link above): " at the age of 68, the Mulgray twins, who have never been apart for longer than two weeks, created a minor piece of history yesterday when their first novel went on sale in bookshops across Britain. No Suspicious Circumstances, a crime novel set in Edinburgh and featuring an intrepid female investigator from HM Revenue & Customs, is believed to be the first novel published in English by identical twins. The authors, from Joppa, outside Edinburgh, are described on the cover simply as “The Mulgray Twins”. Started more than 14 years ago, it is the result of thousands of hours of painstaking writing and rewriting. Each of its 86,000 words was a joint endeavour." 

From the website of the publisher, Allison and Busby:

"MEET THE WORLD’S MOST UNUSUAL UNDERCOVER TEAM. It can be tough working undercover for HM Revenue & Customs, but DJ Smith has more than a little help from her trained sniffer cat, Gorgonzola, a moth-eaten Persian with gourmet tastes and a mind of her own.  This first investigation finds DJ and Gorgonzola on the trail of a heroin smuggling ring operating in and around Edinburgh. Their first port of call is the White Heather Hotel, owned by the formidable Morag Mackenzie who rules her domain – and her spineless husband – with steely efficiency. And it is in these comfortable surroundings that DJ meets a cast of memorable characters including American golfing fanatic Hiram J Spinks, the glamorous Italian Signora Gina Lombardini, and the not so glamorous self styled gastronome extraordinaire Felicity Lannelle. Beneath the innocent surface of the country house hotel eddies a sinister undercurrent.  One death follows another.  Who among the guests specialises in making murder look like accident?"

If you are tempted, here’s a link to the book’s page on Amazon UK, from which you can click through to it on Amazon USA.

2 thoughts on “Identical twins’ first novel

  1. As you can imagine the feline reference made me put a reserve on this as soon as it came on the library cat-elogue. It’s now waiting collection. Another one on my library tbr pile!

  2. Look forward to reading what you make of it, Karen. It doesn’t appeal to me that much, it was more the thought of someone writing and successfully publishing a first novel at the age of 68 that gave me heart!

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