Soap opera shocks plus thriller chills

Soap opera shocks plus thriller chills | Inquirer | 05/27/2007.

My review of Lying with Strangers by James Grippando is out in the Philadelphia Inquirer (link above), published yesterday (Sunday 27 May).  Thank you, as ever, to the erudite Frank Wilson of Books, Inq, for asking me to review the book. An excerpt from my review:

The book races on at breakneck pace, running through so many themes that my head whirled. Eventually, in a little detective work of my own, I realized that the key to the book is in the main character’s name: Peyton. Yes, I was reading a pastiche soap opera, and the heroine’s name is a homage to the mother of all soaps, Grace Metalious’ 1957 classic Peyton Place.

Read on at the link at the top of this post. It is also worth checking out the whole set of book reviews in this week’s Inquirer section, which you can do via this round-up on Books Inq. In the United States, in particular, book-review sections of newspapers are being cut and/or are under threat. The selection commissioned, edited and published by Frank each week (and a few in between) epitomise what is great about book review sections. Long may this one, and all of them, live on.