A post and quiz, thanks to Jenny D

I am short of time today (Saturday): domestic duties have kept me busy until now and I’m away from my computer this evening. I have therefore done some pinching. I was intrigued by this post by Jenny D of Light Reading entitled "Bad novelists should marry one another (and not breed)". The post links to an interview at the FT.com site, and here I have copied five of the (many) questions. Friends of Petrona are invited to answer the questions  either in the comments here or on your own blog with a link in the comments. If I can find one, a prize may be in the offing. If you plan on answering the questions, I suggest reading the FT.com article after, not before.

Which literary character most resembles you?

What’s the last book you couldn’t finish?

What proportion of the books you own have you actually read?

What’s your current favourite word?

What would you go back and change?