Conflict resolution skills

I disagree with Scott Adams’s opinions as often as I agree with them, but he is master of the blog (and usually very funny). He knows just how to play his readers: sometimes he teases them, other times he genuinely asks their opinion on a question and posts about the answers. Most of his posts get more than a hundred comments, so I no longer make any (having done so on a couple of occasions when, as a nascent blogger, I first discovered his blog, but rapidly realising I would be forever lost in the noise).

How about this, from his post on global warming:

"recently I got dragged into the debate by a comment left by reader Bruce Harrison. He objected to a prior post in which I noted our President was ignoring the consensus of scientists on the question of global warming. I called this sort of behavior stupid.

Bruce countered by calling me arrogant and ignorant. So far, his opinion was spot on, so I figured it was worth seeing what else he had to say"

Well done to you, Scott — the perfect response.

The rest of the post shows, unfortunately, why I think climate scientists face an almost intolerable task in getting on with their research to try to identify global trends. (If you are interested to know what  I mean, read Scott’s post and associated links, in particular the update from Chris Graham at the end.  I am glad Chris made his comment, and glad Scott for picked up on it.  Yes, Scott is a blogger through and through:  he  listens as well as performs.)

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  1. Your glaring white background makes my monitor require more power. Lumens, they is precious, and conserve we must. As much as I enjoyed this post, I can’t in good conscience ever return to your site. For the *children*, Petrona.

  2. If you ever do return, Happyfeet, just to let you know that Petrona was once black, but nobody could read it.

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