Fictional characters you would like to meet

Link: Carla Nayland Historical Fiction: Fictional characters you would like to meet.

Carla Nayland (link above) writes a variation on a meme that she’s done previously. Her variant is : three fictional characters you’d like to meet, three fictional characters you’d never want to meet, and three fictional characters who scare you.

I’d like to meet:

"Doc" from Cannery Row ; Albus Dumbeldore ; Marian Halcome.

I wouldn’t like to meet:

William Boldwood; Mrs Jellyby; Titus Andronicus.

Three who scare me:

Ralph (Lord of the Flies); Mr Brocklehurst; Madame Defarge.

(Note: Mr Collins and Mrs Danvers may have been up there, but Carla had already chosen them).

Please do undertake this "meme" yourself; I’d be interested to know your selection.

6 thoughts on “Fictional characters you would like to meet

  1. My daughter Phoebe (aged 9) says that she’d like to meet Captain Underpants, Harry Potter and Horrid Henry; she’d like not to meet Lord Voldemort, the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, and Stuck-Up Steve from Horrid Henry; and she’d be scared to meet Nettlebrand from Dragonrider (by Cornelia Funke), Captain Hook and The Wicked Witch of the West.
    I’d like to meet Jadis Markham from my own novel The Sigil (but then I’m biased); Sir Frideric Lowdley-Purring from my other novel By The Sea (ditto) and Gandalf; I’d not like to meet Uriah Heep, that dreadful woman in His Dark Materials that Nicole Kidman will play in the film, and any given Orc; I’d be scared to meet Turin Turambar from the Children of Hurin (it’s that curse, you know); Sauron, or Cthulhu.

  2. Good choices, Henry and Phoebe! How could I forget Gandalf? Maybe we’ll have to have a tea party so you can meet Dumbledore and I the grey/white wizard, and we can listen to their collective wisdom. Mrs Coulter would indeed be scary (as would Lord Asriel), and you’ve made me recall that I would really not like to meet Jadis from The Magician’s Nephew (the witch in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe).

  3. Names are important. My Jadis was named after the Wicked Witch by Lewis-obsessed parents and spent her life trying in vain to live it down. In the end she is seen as a kind of shamaness in the village in which she lives.

  4. Sticking with the crime genre, fictional characters I’d love to meet:
    John Lawton’s Freddie Troy
    Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch
    Robert Wilson’s Javier Falcón
    All are passionate about what they do and all are cops as it happens…
    Would not like to meet as they have a tendency to bore me now:
    Patricia Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta (as everything gets personal, I’d hate to be associated with her…)
    Linda Fairstein’s Alexandra Cooper (there’s only so much play of a certain game I can take and after The Bone Vault, I could take no more of anything involving this protag)
    Thomas Harris’s Hannibal Lecter (any real fascination I had stopped with Silence of the Lambs, thereafter came charicacture for me and then complete loss of interest).
    Three who scare me:
    None in fiction as – well they’re fiction aren’t they? I’ve met a couple of people in real life who would tick the boxes on the psychopath score and yes, they did scare me for various reasons. Not that they’d have killed me.

  5. Oh, my — this looks fun.
    I, too, would like to meet Marian Halcombe. Also Jane Eyre and Peter Wimsey.
    No interest in meeting Fanny Price. Or Jay Gatsby. Or Ethan Frome.
    I’d be scared of Iago. Also La Belle Dame Sans Merci and Sauron.

  6. Taken some time to think about this…
    I would like to meet John Lanchester’s Mr Philipps.
    Apart from that I would not care to meet most characters from other works of fiction – I know too much about them and mostly they are flawed.
    I would be scared to meet anyone from a Jake Arnott novel – even in broad daylight.

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