Memoir of a Ghost by Susan Balée

Here is a link to a short story, Memoir of a Ghost, by Susan Balée, in Wild River Review. I read the story last night and enjoyed it a lot, so let me encourage you to visit the link and read the story, too. It is a haunting piece of short crime fiction, set in a newsroom — or is it?

"Wild River Review is a regularly updated online magazine committed to free speech, multi-cultural exploration, cutting edge news coverage, and timeless themes. Wild River Review provides a forum for dialogue between writers, artists, scientists, musicians, poets, and readers to foster connection and understanding between and within cultures. To that end, we work with and support talented artists — emerging and well established — in every genre. "

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  1. How sweet of you, Maxine! Thank you for the link, ’twas most unexpected and gratifying!

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