A tempting set of reads

I’ve read some enticing book reviews today – they all look the same in the RSS reader, but it is apposite that a couple are from blogs and a couple from newspaper "book review sections". Room for everyone.

Donna Rifkind of the LA Times reviews Michael Connelly’s latest Bosch novel, The Overlook.  Can’t wait, Connelly is one of my very, very favourite crime-fiction writers, I’ve loved him since first publication of The Black Echo.

Here’s a review of Laura Lippman’s What the Dead Know (UK title restored to US version) at Material Witness blog. I thought I wouldn’t read her again after her last, but now I’m pretty sure I’ll have to, after reading this review.

CrimeFicReader reports on Chris Ewan’s Good Thief’s Guide to Amsterdam. CFR has a unique review-writing style. You find out lots of often-unusual context as well as obtaining a good sense of the book’s content. Often, as here, she combines the review and an interview with the author, though we’ll have to wait a day or a few for that.  After reading about this book on Susan Hill’s (the publisher) and friends’ blogs, I’d already decided to read it, but if I’d heard nothing previously, CFR would have convinced me.

Finally, Marilyn Stasio of the New York Times rounds up several books, including the much-praised In the Woods by Tana French, and Cruel Stars of the Night, Kjell Eriksson’s follow up to his enjoyable police-procedural, the enigmatically but sweetly titled Princess of Burundi.  Both these books are in my Amazon list anyway, but it is nice to read such enthusiastic reports.