Borkmann’s Point at Euro Crime, and more

It’s that time of the week again, when the new reviews are up at Euro Crime.  The new reviews are of A Fall from Grace, by the usually reliable Robert Barnard (one of my long-time favourites); Good Night my Darling, by Inger Frimansson; All She Ever Wanted by Patrick Redmond; and my review of Borkmann’s Point by Hakan Nesser, newly out in paperback.

You can read two other reviews of Borkmann’s Point on Euro Crime, one here by Karen Meek, and one here by Karen Chisholm.

On re-reading my review now a few weeks after I read the book, I think I was a little harder on it than I might have been. As Karen (M) writes, I found the ending a bit disappointing, but I enjoyed reading the book and laughed aloud at its deadpan humour. I am certainly looking forward to reading his next to be translated in this series, The Return.

As usual, you can win books by entering the competitions at Euro Crime (see first link in this post).  Karen’s site is a great resource for those of us who enjoy reading this type of fiction. Thanks, Karen!

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  1. Thanks Maxine. I’ve read The Return and enjoyed it a lot more than BP. I do like the humour, something which can be a bit lacking in Scandinavian crime fiction perhaps… (Review to follow!)

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