Harry Potter 7 launch parties

For those interested in attending one of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows midnight launch parties, this link: Welcome to Waterstones.com , provides the Waterstones’ list of theirs so far. Me, I would rather wait until morning when I am awake enough to dive in and start reading, but if you are more of a night bird, you can use the link to identify your nearest of the 279 Waterstones’ branches that are said (at the link) to be celebrating at midnight on 20th/21st July. Of course, this list does not include branches of Borders, WH Smith and all the independent bookstores that will also, doubtless, be celebrating on similar lines. The 21 July promises to be a nice, quiet day, with everyone either asleep after an all-night read, or with their noses in the book if they purchased it at 9 a.m. (or whenever the regular shops open).

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter 7 launch parties

  1. The 21st of July is my birthday, I am very excited about the timing–I am going to buy it at 12:01 the night before & accordingly be completely useless on the day of my actual b-day…

  2. Oh, what a wonderful coincidence! Malcolm’s is the 23rd so he misses it by 2 days.
    I think that Jenny’s birthday (12 August) is quite close to Harry’s, as I think (if memory serves) Harry’s usually falls in the summer holidays at the start of several of the books.
    Jenny was also delighted that Sirius’s house (HQ of the Order of the Phoenix) is No. 12.

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