An eclectic mix

Just a few bits and pieces:

Useful advice: how not to be a grumpy old blogger.  "How do you sustain yourself despite the negative things that sometimes come your way in the blogosphere?" asks Problogger.

If, like science writer Carl Zimmer, your blog is your favourite waste of time, you might like to read his round-up of scientific blogs that he likes.

Martyn Daniels of the Booksellers’ Association gives us his own take on the Lulu "blooker" prize. He writes:

A few years ago I was invited to a conference with top BBC managers to discuss strategy. The event wasn’t a small event and I found myself alongside other outsiders with considerable and different media input and thinking. I felt like a traditionalists in my open collared shirt and chinos as the others were aged between 16 and twenty-something, wore their street clothes and had little respect for Auntie and the rules by which she played. They told the executives about the internet world in which they lived and what the BBC needed to do. Interestingly, the BBC reacted, listened and many things that were discussed have impacted on their subsequent strategy. It was a brave approach but a wise one. These executives just didn’t understand what was happening around them.

Coming soon: more movies set to tackle science. As Emma Marris writes:  "How can filmic depictions of scientists be both realistic and entertaining, when most science consists of long days of work and incremental advances? I went to the fest to find out (and to catch a glimpse of Christopher Walken)."

Amazon (US site) launches a podcast network, Amazon Wire, featuring the usual mix of author interviews and book promotion, from the looks (but not for me, as yet, the sounds) of it.

Introducing the deadly seven, "seven titles from bestselling authors and new voices that will chill and terrorize you with their tales of murder, mystery and suspense."