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Link: The candidates: Hillary Clinton | Her latest incarnation: presidential front-runner | Economist.com.

I’m not getting into politics on Petrona — politics is one of those subjects where the heat of the opinion is inversely related to the knowledge of the person expressing it, but I do like the description of Hillary C. in the standfirst of this Economist piece:

"Unloved; but also disciplined, well-organised and experienced."

I recognise that Hillary is widely unolved in the USA, but I’ve always rather liked her — in a mild kind of way, I hasten to add.

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  1. I’m not so sure how actually unloved Hillary is because here the minority tends to shout loudest. Although I’m not a huge fan of her politics, I have to admit that she appears to be the most intelligent and savvy of all the candidates (among both parties). Plus, her husband is a huge asset. Despite the incident with the intern, he is beloved by his party.

  2. Nonsense. I know some people who are extremely knowledgeable about politics, political science, and political economics who can get quite heated.

  3. Thanks, Marydell — from these distant shores I see it that way too. It is always hard to tell from a distance, though — many Americans would disagree with you and I, from what they write about HC.
    Lee’s choice of first sentence demonstrates my point neatly.

  4. I’m not sure why so many hate her so much. On a political news show last night, I saw a criticism of her as thinking she is above the law. Huh? Does this go back to a shady land deal from years ago that no one was able to prove against her and her husband? Considering what’s been going on at the top of the other party (Libby, Wolfowitz, Gonzales), it’s like a dark as pitch pot calling a semi-rusty kettle black.
    I haven’t made up my mind yet since the campaign season has just started, but I am looking forward to when the field gets narrowed after the two primaries. 2008 will be an interesting election year for us.
    For you, though, 2007 has turned out to be an interesting non-election year, hasn’t it? I can’t help but feel a bit of guilt that our international embarrassment of a leader has had something to do with it.

  5. Probably people dislike HC for a variety of reasons, eg she’s a woman, clever, rich, a Democrat, a politician, married to Bill, etc. People tend to project a lot onto politicians.
    Yes, it is a funny old time in politics over here, as you say. The next thing that will happen is the Labour party deputy leadership contest, a sort of “clash of the nonentities”, from the looks of it.

  6. I like Hillary C., though she clearly rubs lots of people (especially men) the wrong way. I think it’s because she’s a woman, yet as assertive as a man. Somehow, that doesn’t go down well.
    Moi, I loved Bill Clinton, even if he did have a problem with his zipper (and lots of politicos do). I have a feeling lots of people who still revere him will vote for Hillary ’cause they know who her #1 advisor is gonna be!

  7. Susan, you put it so aptly. Yes, Hillary rubs men up the wrong way, and sure, she’s married to a hunk. (Writing as one rather susceptible to Bill, and being utterly shocked when dashing down to Asda one night, a supermarket I never usually visit but there was a child Weetabix emergency or something, to see TV screens in the aisles with poor old Bill having to detail it all to the US and Asda-shopping public. As one who rarely watches TV, it was all a bit much, I cannot report what was going on in some of the aisles in a family-centric blog.)

  8. Susan, thank you so much for putting it exactly the right way. I completely see why she’s so disliked now. It’s a shame how assertiveness is respected in a man but looked down on in a woman.
    Maxine, I also have to admit to finding Bill hunky. He is a heck of a smooth talker. And playfully smart. I’m about halfway through the crossword puzzle he wrote for The New York Times Magazine, and I’m stuck because I don’t know enough about oldies music or Baby Boomers.

  9. I unloved Hilary Clinton widely during Bill Clinton’s presidency because I found her a condescending prig. I like her a good deal better as a candidate, though. Perhaps one expects a would-be president to assert her knowledge in a way that is unbecoming when an unofficial adviser does it. And she’s just as much a woman now as she was then.
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