Child psychiatry and a coroner

A couple of book reviews that caught my interest:

A beautifully written piece by Clare Dudman, reviewing The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog, which Clare says is "one of the most interesting. moving and inspiring books I’ve ever read. The author, Dr Bruce D Perry, is a child psychiatrist, and in the book he describes his cases. He explains exactly why children who have experienced trauma are damaged – how it changes the brain – and the behaviour that results. He also describes his unconventional treatment and why it works."

I mentioned The Coroner’s Lunch, the first book in the series featuring septuagenarian and reluctant Laos Chief Coroner Dr Siri Paiboun, in my "forthcoming books" round-up a few posts ago, and here’s a review of it, by Karen C of AustCrime. I’m definitely on for this one after reading Karen’s review:  "Siri is the most engaging character. A communist for love (his now deceased wife convinced him that they should support the Revolution), a charming old reprobate by nature, he uses a combination of medical knowledge, instinct, charm and good old fashioned finagling to find the truth."