The Onion in pink

Via Female Science Professor, I discovered that the Onion’s current issue is a Women special (Home | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source). We’ve had mother’s day in the UK already, but in the USA the day rolls round on Sunday, apparently – cue lots of mother-appreciation posts on blogs, if last year was anything to go by.

The Onion, naturally, has a different take. I agree with FSP that "Betty Friedan honored with second-class postage stamp" is a good one. I also like the Cosmpolitan 40-year compendium "812,683 ways to please your man". Other delights are the popular new Gap clothing line hand-sewn by children overseas; some person-in-the-street (Onion regulars) reactions to news of the first woman chancellor of Germany; and  "nanny appears in child’s drawings more than mother". As usual with the Onion, though, I find the headlines funnier than the articles they describe. A good one-liner can make you laugh about the fatuousness of an aspect modern life, whereas a full article on the same topic hammers the point home too much.

2 thoughts on “The Onion in pink

  1. Well that is a great counterexample, Jim. Whoever wrote that article both knew what they were talking about and has a great sense of irony. Thanks for the link.

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