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Google has revamped its personalised homepage service. Called iGoogle, the service will allow users to share writing, photographs and lists, and get personalised search results based on geography and browsing history. Google will also introduce Gadget Maker to make content publishing easy.  Here’s another story about the serviceAnd here it is. Doesn’t seem much different from what was there before to me, apart from the new logo and the fact that you can now add background themes. You’ve been able to add your own information and gadgets for a while — I find that adding in games slows the upload time considerably, but several of the information features are useful, for example local weather, selected rss feeds, Google reader and wikipedia link. There are also lots of news and magazine options.

Web 2.0 websites accounted for 12% of all US web activity for the week ended April 7 – an increase of 2% compared with two years ago – according to a Hitwise study. Moreover, the market share of visits to those properties has grown 688% over the past two years.The study was based on the Hitwise U.S. sample of over 10 million Internet users, which revealed results from a recent research study on demographic and psychographic [sic] differences between "traditional" and Web 2.0 internet users.