Update on Revish

I received an email from the Revish interactive book site last week, a weekly newsletter, apparently. It tells us that there is a monthly competition for the best 3 reviews, provides a link to books available for review (they send the book to you if you ask for it), and provides a few stats and updates as to what your contacts are reading. Here’s an example of my stats:

Since joining Revish you’ve:

* Read 11 books, with a total of 2773 pages.
* Written 4 reviews, which have been read a total of 85 times

Amazing, that in a couple of weeks 85 people have read those book reviews. That’s quite a reach considering that all I did was to passively upload a review.

I am still enjoying Revish: I can log books I am reading, want to read or have read, tag them, rate and/or review them and so on.  Also, as regular readers know, we have a group in which we are asking each other about our favourite book read so far this year, occasionally diverting into mentioning what we are reading at the moment. Please do join us.

By the way, I haven’t read any but the bare minimum of the "bumpf" ("about" pages) at Revish, but I was thinking about why it has the rather vegetable-like name that it does. I guess it is a concatenation of "Reading/Viewing/Sharing" — ReViSh. Despite the name (which, salads apart, spell-check always wants to change to "ravish"), it is a good site: quiet, unfussy, well organised and functional (though as so new, many functions are still under development).