Fashion values

From The Week:

The point of celebrities — why it is pointless to complain that modern celebrities are only famous for being famous. " In fact, they’re famous because they represent things that are at the very heart of modern consumer capitalism: social mobility, fashion, the body, sex and the need for affirmation. It was Susan Sontag, who said that being a dandy was a way of being an individual in an age of mass culture. The problem today is being an individual in an age of mass individualism., when the usual means of status — clothes, cars, consumer goods — are within the grasp of the majority. The answer is: celebrity." (Via Cosmo Landesman in The Guardian — at time of writing, there are 70 comments to his article.)

Richard Branson, the "publicity-mad boss of Virgin Atlantic", had a brief cameo in Casino Royale, the latest Bond film. But passengers on British Airways don’t see it, as the scene has been cut. "All films are screened", explained a BA spokesman. "We want to ensure that they contain no material that might upset our customers."