Tim Coates calls a spade a spade

Link: Publishing News – News Home Page – Batt to stand down at MLA.

" CHRIS BATT IS to stand down from his post as Chief Executive of the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council at the end of this year. Batt took up the post in December 2003, overseeing library reforms such as the ‘Framework for the Future’ document outlining long-term strategy for the service………. One of Batt’s most vocal critics, library campaigner Tim Coates, has said the vacancy now creates a great opportunity for the service. “It is a chance to put things right and take a different and better path which addresses what the public wants. Batt led the move to reduce the number of books in libraries and, along with an expected reshuffle by Gordon Brown later this year, it could mean a clean slate and a much needed fresh approach.”  "

As regular readers know, Petrona’s longstanding advice to Tony Blair, when he decides to quit,  is to hand the country over to Tim Coates, and not to Gordon Brown or anyone else. But if for some unknown reason he doesn’t take up that sensible suggestion, this latest news might put another idea into his head. 

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  1. I’m not sure we need another messianic saviour figure in charge…

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