More crime at Waterstone’s

Oh no, Waterstone’s crime fiction newsletter has come round yet again. This time, they are offering At Risk by Patricia Cornwell, Vanish by Tess Gerritsen, Without Consent by Kathryn Fox and Triptych by Karin Slaughter at half-price — £3.49 each.  I’m up for two of these, but not tempted byh the other two. Other features include  an article on The Missing by Chris Mooney, a book about which I’ve heard good things, on offer at £4.99; and a profile of Peter James, author of the exciting books Looking Good, Dead and others. If you can keep up with Waterstone’s, there is lots to keep you occupied here.

2 thoughts on “More crime at Waterstone’s

  1. Hi Maxine, thanks for the Waterstones info. My local Waterstones has “the Missing” for £3.99, and “Bad Debts” by Peter Temple for £3.99. Suspect this is only for the week though.

  2. Hi Laura, and welcome to Petrona — nice to see you here. I should nave noted in my post that these are “deals of the week”, sorry. But I went to Sainsbury’s today on an emergency BBQ run, and saw Triptych there for £3.33. Getting deep down dirty! When are we going to get the pricecutting books crime novel?

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