Brian Sibley’s winners

BRIAN SIBLEY : my blog: BOOKED UP posts the hilarious winners to his competition to blurb the plot of a well-known book in less than 12 words. The winner is very clever, though the book described is not the most famous in the world:

Orphans! Abortions! War! Incest! It’s all about apples and pairs!

A much easier one:

Abused child, madwoman, virgin bride, arson, religion and sex!

This is cool, and a book you are bound to have read at least in part:

Strong plot, original ending but maybe open to misinterpretation.

Head on over to Brian’s blog if you can’t work out the answers — and to find out more of these talented mini-inspirations.

3 thoughts on “Brian Sibley’s winners

  1. When I first read the three examples, I thought they all were about the Bible. I’m glad I was right at least once.

  2. I haven’t gone to Sibley’s blog, but I’m assuming the second book is _Jane Eyre_ and the third is _The Da Vinci Code_. What is the first one? The Bible?

  3. The first one is Cider House Rules (clever), and the third the Bible. You are right on the second, Susan — but there are more over at Brian “Lord of the Rings” Sibley so might be worth a look.

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