If…. out on DVD this summer

I didn’t think it could ever happen, but it has, almost. One of the movies that influenced me tremendously is Lindsay Anderson’s If….. And it is coming out on DVD — on 11 June, according to Amazon (UK). The question is, do I dare watch it again, after it shook me to the core at the age of about 17? I shall probably succumb. Here is the Amazon synopsis:  "An alternately funny and bizarre drama set in a fictitious but authentic public school. The story moves from intimate scenes of life in a boy’s world, through fantasy and farce, to a violent climax as discontent turns into rebellion."

I wonder if there will ever be a DVD release of Charlie Bubbles, another of my long-lost favourites? Written by Shelagh Delaney, it was directed by and starred Albert Finney, with a cast including Billie Whitelaw, Colin Blakely and an extremely young Liza Minnelli. The plot summary on IMDB is very amusing, in total it is:  "A married writer has an affair with his secretary." Rather far from what the film is actually about.

1,000 mile summer

Today I learned that a most amusing and talented colleague is about to leave Nature for a Great Adventure: walking the Appalachian Trail – and blogging about it en route. Billy Goat and Little Pony’s blog, 1,000 mile summer (in Jenny’s favourite Blogger design template, appropriately woodsy) states:

Join us as we leave behind our 9to5 Washington, DC lives for a 3 month journey on the Appalachian Trail from West Virginia to Maine. Can a couple make it in the woods, alone, with little showering, and dehydrated foods and twigs as substance? Stay tuned and find out.

I recommend staying in touch, it will be an exhilerating ride (or tramp).  Here’s a sample post:

When I told my mom our plans for our AT trek, she joked that Polina should start in Maine, I should start in Georgia and we could finish together at the Harper’s Ferry halfway point. My mom, like most of our friends and family, probably picked up on the Billy Goat’s and Little Pony’s shared personality traits: passion mixed with a little bit of stubbornness—and extreme sensitivity, despite our semi-tough exteriors. My mom’s implicit message was that two people with these same qualities spending that much time over that much distance over such conditions were due for a relationship meltdown–and we haven’t even married two years, much less reproduced.