Frank Wilson on the Quantum Enigma

It’s Real (If You Think It Is): The Quantum Enigma – Britannica Blog.

Frank Wilson (aka Sir Galahad of the Blogosphere), litblogger and book review ed. par excellence, reviews The Quantum Enigma at the Britannica Blog. In his review, Frank writes:

The enigma referred to in the title has nothing to do with the science of quantum mechanics: “The experimental results we report and our explanation of them with quantum theory are completely undisputed.” Quantum theory is apparently the most successful in all of science. None of its predictions has ever been proved wrong and a third of our economy is based on it.

What is “hotly disputed,” however, is what the theory implies..

Do read the rest of Frank’s thoughtful, individual review. Do we need to posit a "prime thinker", he asks?

Thanks to Dave Lull for alerting me to the article.

Vargas convergence?

Over at our discussion group: Crime and detection | Revish, we are seeking views on people’s favourite crime fiction novel of the year (so far). Fred Vargas is doing pretty well. She is also featuring strongly on the Petrona post "most influential crime fiction novel of the decade?" (courtesy Crimespace). I am going to read more Vargas immediately(ish) as a result of these debates, but in the meantime, if you are interested in reading detective/crime fiction, please do visit one of the above links and let us know your choices. At the same time, you can discover some other non-Vargas recommendations, eg Chandra’s Sacred Games, from Mallard, Peter, Norm/Uriah, Glenn and others. (Karen of Euro Crime, Crimefictionreader and Lizzy are the Vargas camp.)

An early peep at Harry?

At the London Book Fair,  Bloomsbury and LibreDigital (part of NewsStand) announced a “Look Inside” online service, which allows readers to search and preview book content on the web, aiming to provide a "browse" of books online in a way that replicates the experience of reading through the printed book. In common with (most?) other publishers, Bloomsbury is busy digitising its back -catalogue for this purpose. The company also says that it should be easier for booksellers to promote popular titles on their websites without infringing authors’ copyright.

This initiative will not help those of us who are finding it difficult to wait until 21 July — we are just going to have to be patient.