From crime to science

A few items that have caught my attention as I rove around the blogosphere:

Here is a generous post by Roger Morris, bidding  farewell to the Rap Sheet,  in the process paying a tribute to "a blogger who has always been unstinting in her support of new crime writers, yours truly included: the person who posts under the pseudonym “Crimefictionreader.” "
I very much agree with Roger’s assessment of this blogger, who has supported and encouraged more than a few authors, and always has an interesting, individual perspective on her blog.

While on the general subject, Susan Hill here provides an update on The Good Thief’s Guide to Amsterdam, which sounds good if anyone is looking for a book to read. Not out until 4 June, though.

Moving from crime fiction to fact, Cognitive Daily tells us here how not to write a science book.  Eight useful tips followed by a bonus point: 

How not to publicize your book!

9. Don’t maintain the blog your publisher made for you. Publishers and publicists have figured out that a blog is a good way to generate "buzz" about a new book. Therefore every new book now has a web site, complete with a blog written by the book’s author. Whatever you do, don’t write anything in your blog. Did you realize that most bloggers don’t get paid for writing their blogs? Instead, you should email other bloggers and ask them to link to your blog. Since bloggers write for free, they’ll appreciate having something to write about. Nothing’s more exciting to fellow bloggers than the shell of an empty blog.

If you are into science but not into reading about it, how about some music? Eva at Easternblot writes about the Amygladoids, biologists and neuroscientists by day, musicians by night. And yes, their songs are, says Eva, all about science.

I’ll just throw in a few eggcorns before bidding you good night.