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At this link: The Killer Genre – 4/15/2007 – Library Journal you can find a round-up of "new talent and publishing initiatives for mystery readers". Capital Crime, Midnight Ink, Bleak House, St Martin’s Minotaur and Putnam are among the featured publishers; one of them, Margaret Marbury of Mira, has the following to say about the power of the blog:

One traditional tool that Marbury won’t be relying on to promote The Deadly Seven is the author tour. “I won’t say it is dead in the water, but unless you are one of the top 15 best-selling authors with a huge audience, this is not the best place to spend publicity money.” Instead, she views the Internet as an inexpensive and more productive place to pick up new readers. The Mira editor tries to look at as many mystery book blogs as she can, including many of her authors’ blogs. “I find that really good author web sites make a difference in reaching and maintaining readers, which is increasingly important,” she says.

Of more direct interest, the article provides "8 top mystery blogs", which I’ve listed, with links, on the continuation sheet. First is Sarah Weinman and second Crime Fiction Dossier, both excellent blogs who well deserve the accolade. I was even more delighted to see, however, that the third place goes to the superb blog Euro Crime, a great achievement for a European blog (and associated website) in an article that focuses pretty much exclusively on US publishers and blogs. Two other blogs, Detectives beyond Borders and International Noir Fiction (links on continuation sheet), are also mentioned as worth checking out — a recommendation with which I heartily agree. Very well done to Karen, Peter and Glenn: I am a regular at all their blogs and find them consistently excellent –not least the collection of reviews on the Euro Crime website.

  1. Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind The must-read for industry folks, authors, and mystery fans. Insightful commentary from the Baltimore Sun’s crime fiction columnist on the latest book deals, awards, people, and trends.
  2. Crime Fiction Dossier Critic David Montgomery on publishing, authors, and reviews. He also edits Murderink, which has mystery and thriller reviews, as well as author interviews, and sponsors the Gumshoe Awards.
  3. Euro Crime Keep up with the latest UK and European mysteries on this blog run by a British librarian. Also check out Detectives Beyond Borders and International Noir Fiction.
  4. Hey, There’s a Dead Guy in My Living Room “Mystery publishing from idea to bookshelf,” with comments from authors, editors, publishers, and publicists.
  5. KillerYear Look for the up-and-coming thriller writers here.
  6. The Man in Black As a St. Martin’s editor and soon-to-be-published author, Jason Pinter knows both sides of the mystery fence.
  7. Poe’s Deadly Daughters Writers Julia Buckley, Lonnie Cruse, Sandra Parshall, Sharon Wildwind, and Elizabeth Zelvin give their take on the mystery scene. For a cozy perspective, look at The Cozy Chicks or the Cozy Library.
  8. Reviewing the Evidence Created in 2001, this mystery review site archives thousands of online reviews, searchable by author, title, reviewer, or keyword. Nice links to authors’ web sites.

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  1. Thanks for the gracious words. What I liked about the roster of blogs other than seeing my own blog and some others I like on it was that it’s impressively varied for so compact a list. It includes author sites, reference sites, news sites and review sites. It’s the crime-fiction blog list you want to have if you’re ever standed on a desert island with a laptop and a free wireless connection.
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    “Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home”

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