Sopranos: seven minutes, six seasons

Link: The Sopranos video.

I have never watched The Sopranos, but I know from my "DVD boxed set" post that they come highly recommended, and I also know from looking on Amazon that there have been rather too many seasons to try to catch up now and remain solvent.

Help is at hand. The link above, from the Open Culture blog, features "all six seasons of the Sopranos recapped in a seven-minute video". I haven’t watched it (who has seven minutes to spare? Not me), so can’t offer any comment on it — but Douglas Adams would have approved, I’m sure.

2 thoughts on “Sopranos: seven minutes, six seasons

  1. Having spent three weeks at home hearing from my dear father about how wonderful The Sopranos is, I today put disc 1 of season 1 on my amazon DVD rental list. The marathon begins…

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