A look at some history

A round-up of a few history-related posts, blogs and books.

On Britannica Blog is a three-part article on Why the Allies didn’t bomb the death camps (links: part 3,  part 2 and part 1). These excellent articles form part of the Encyclopaedia Britannica’s April-long feature about the Holocaust, whose main page (with associated links and multimedia features) is here

While on the Second World War, Becky of A Book a Week has just reviewed Night Watch by Sarah Waters (including a link to the Guardian review: I always like to compare different perspectives on the same book). I have bought this book — back in February for Cathy’s birthday — but have not yet read it. From Becky’s review I should move it higher up the pile.

The latest, and deserved, recipient of the Thinking Blogger award is Carla Nayland, who here recommends seven fascinating history-related blogs and an eighth, Wordcarving, which is the blog of the talented poet John Ahearn. Carla’s blog is, to me, a delight, focusing on Britain in the 5th to 10th centuries AD, but by no means exclusively. Her blog is an excellent example of how much one can expand one’s horizons via blogging– I probably would not pick up a whole book on this topic, but regularly read interesting articles about those ancient times, courtesy of Carla, though I can’t admit to having tried any of her recipes (yet?).

Moving further back still, Amy On the Web links to an amusing feature: If ancient Rome had the Internet. (I think the title would have been better in the pluperfect: "had had" but I’m an old quibbler).

Finally, I received my monthly email from the excellent History Bookshop, which bears the news that there is an extra 10 per cent off even their excellent prices for subscribers to their (free) e-newsletter. Not only is there a vast collection of history books about all eras and from all perspectives, but the website has the usual features of a timeline, quiz, articles, themes and "year view", when you can see what happened in the year of your choice.

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