Featuring Typepad and Branch Walks

The "Typepad featured blog" is a year old. The company "shines the spotlight" on a what they think is a great TypePad blog every day, ranging from big media outlets to personal narratives, to works of art. The choices for the "featured blog" of the day are sometimes made by the Typepad team itself, but more often by users. If you have a Typepad blog, you can submit your site for consideration at the Featured blog submission form. if you don’t have a Typepad blog but like a blog that does use the platform, you can go to the same link and nominate it.

"Once you’ve made a suggestion, the site will go by our editor, Harold Check, who’s been blogging for ten years (yes, ten!). After the difficult work of selecting the best of the best, Harold works with other members of our team to write descriptions and capture illustrations for each site. The result: each and every day we put up a new featured site on the homepage at TypePad.com."

You can check out each day’s featured Typepad blog here. Today’s, for example, is Branch Walks: "Branch Clarke quit his restaurant job to walk across the country. Armed with an iPod, MySpace page, and a TypePad blog, he’s documenting the trip, examining himself for personal change and raising money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation to help people with cancer." 

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  1. ‘Blogging for ten years’! I didn’t know blogs were going that long. How times must have changed.

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