panlibus on Revish, a book community site

At this link: panlibus (kindly sent to me by Dave Lull) is a podcast interview with Dan Champion, founder of Revish, a book review community site launched yesterday (Friday 30 March 2007).  In the interview you can find out about how the idea of Revish took shape and developed in to a reality, and how it "differs from other book sites such as Shelfari and LibraryThing".

For those who are not into podcasts, here is a direct link to the Revish site (also courtesy Dave Lull). At a glance, Revish looks very good indeed. Scream. Too many book discussion groups, too little time to read (hence nothing to discuss, so all that happens is that I wander round these sites and pick up yet more recommendations of books I’d like to read….).

(I’ve also posted about Revish and panlibus on Librarian’s Place.)