Is Google Too Powerful?

There is a good article in Business Week here: Is Google Too Powerful?. As it says on the can, it is a useful summary of the concerns from various quarters that have been expressed recently about Google’s global activities. I am not sure for how long the article is free, but for the time being, you can read it without a subscription. Here’s a quote:

THERE’S LITTLE EVIDENCE that users have any problem with the company’s power, even if they don’t all take its informal motto, "Don’t be evil," at face value. These fans might be excused for tossing back their own question to the whiners: Too powerful at what? Helping me find things, get work done, connect with friends? Bring it on!

I’m one of those who thinks that life has improved tremendously since Google, professionally and personally. Just one small example: see how inaccurate Amazon search is nowadays, since they parted ways with Google as their search engine and went for their own, A9 — I am sure for what seemed to be sound commercial reasons — but will it turn out to be the decision that allows another site to challenge its market domination?