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Link: Escape from Cubicle Nation: Resource for new and experienced bloggers: Clear Blogging.

Escape from Cubicle Nation highlights Clear Blogging, a new book by Bob Walsh. EFCN writes (from her foreward to the book):

For wannabe or new bloggers, Clear Blogging offers an efficient, easy-to-understand, and compelling overview of what blogging is and how you can quickly jump in and participate.  For more seasoned bloggers, it offers multiple ways to more efficiently plan, research, write, connect and promote the ideas contained in your blog.  When I started Escape from Cubicle Nation a little over a year ago, I had never even read another blog, and I set most of it up in a wildly inefficient way.  As I read Bob’s multiple technical tips and tricks for blogging more efficiently and effectively, I only wished that I had this information a year ago!  It would have saved me a lot of grief.  The multiple case studies and interviews highlight what I have found my tripping all over the blogosphere:  There is much wisdom in the everyday insights of men and women around the world.  You just have to know the right places to find them. The act of blogging changes your status from passive observer to active participant and expert witness.  While the medium is still relatively new, the potential for your personal and professional growth through writing about what you deeply care about is without limits.

2 thoughts on “Escape from Cubicle Nation on Clear Blogging

  1. Ooh,err. Sounds perfect for me then. I frequently get the impression that I must be taking the long way round, and the route is more often than not frustrating rather than scenic! I have much to learn, but it is a gradual process.
    Thanks for the nod via Books,Inc by the way, much appreciated 🙂

  2. Yes, Equiano, we are all “expert witnesses” now – scary!
    You are welcome for the nod, it was a lovely and apposite post (as are so many of yours).

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