Fast and slow lanes on the Internet

From yesterday’s Times:

Cheese web frenzy: More than 400,000 cheese lovers have visited the website to watch the maturing process of a round of cheddar cheese. Viewing is expected to reach a frenzy tomorrow (i.e. today, 29 March) as the 44 lb (20 kg) cheese is subjected to its first quality check. The project is based at a farm in Shepton Mallet, Somerset.

Stunt man films himself skiing down Underground escalator: A man who filmed himself skiing down a London Underground escalator is being investigated by police. The 60-second film, which has been viewed by more than 100,000 people on the internet, shows the man hurtling down the 100 m (300 ft) escalator at Angel station in North London at a speed of more than 30 mph. In the footage, shot from a camera in the man’s helmet, passengers can be seen strolling past as he fixes his skis at the top of the escalator. He then launches himself down the stairs, arriving to applause at the bottom seven seconds later. British Transport Police said that the "naive and reckless" skier was liable for prosecution. John Spelman, who produced the Norwegian DVD, insisted that passers-by were not put at risk because friends of the skier had warned passengers away.

Moral of the story? Maybe it is that a maturing cheese is four times more popular with viewers than someone skiing down an escalator. Oh, and the Times needs to sort out its house style for imperial/metric conversions — is it metric first, imperial first, or imperial with no metric conversion; units and quantities spelled out or not?

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