Writer’s choice 95: Debra Hamel

At this link: normblog: Writer’s choice 95: Debra Hamel is a truly excellent piece by Debra Hamel (of the deblog, BAFAB week and more) reviewing Patricia Highsmith’s book The Talented Mr Ripley. How well Debra sums up the appeal of this book and its unusual author. Like her, I read all the rest of Patricia Highsmith once I had finished my first (I think in my case it was Strangers on a Train), although, as I am 150 and therefore considerably older than the eternally young Debra, I would have read at least some of Highsmith as the books were published (at least one Ripley sequel comes to mind).

But that is to digress. Not only does Debra get to the nub of this book, but the insight she provides illuminates the appeal of this unsettling author. Thank you, Debra, for a most enjoyable and educative read.