Five Non KidsLit Blogs

Link: Scholar’s Blog: Five Non KidsLit Blogs I Read.

Can the adjective ‘prolific’ be applied to reading? If so, Michele of Scholar’s Blog (link above) deserves the description. She usually reviews what these days are called "young adult" books, but her current challenge/meme [not award] is to provide a list of five "non kids lit blogs that I read". Not hard to do in my case: I will highlight some here that I didn’t in my last doomed meme [award] post, for variety:

Light Reading, in which Jenny D in a series of fearless and intensely personal posts dashes through books, academia, literary articles in newspapers, life and running at the speed of…..yes, light.

Books, Inq, the Instapundit of the book world, in which Frank Wilson keeps us up to date with everything you need to know about what is happening in the literary scene, with added insights.

Books, Words, and Writing: Amy provides a daily post on a literary or book-related website or blog. One up for the Canadians.

Random Jottings…, in which Elaine (aka Renaissance Woman) shares with us her reviews of books, music, literary adaptations, china, commuting and other aspects of daily life in south-east England — but more often than not, book-related.

A book a week, in which Becky reviews a wide range of books — old favourites, new finds, fiction (mainly), nonfiction— check it out. Interesting debate is available via the comments.

The Journal of Star Wars Research?

Link: Friday Sillies: The Journal of Star Wars Research « Panorama of the Mountains.

I’m not really supposed to be online today, as 24 March is the international "boycott your computer day" or some such. I suppose whoever decided this had to make the day a Saturday so people wouldn’t have an excuse not to work. I made it to 1900 h local time, so not bad. However, I thought that the future of the peer-reviewed literature, as envisaged on "Panorama of the Mountains" blog, might be of some amusement, so I’ve broached the virtual picket line.

Apart from alerting us to the academic theory put forward in the journal of SWR, the Panorama of the Mountains post provides a video of Eddie Izzard recreating the missing scene where Darth Vader attempts to order penne a la abbriata from the Death Star Canteen (not viewed by me, but probably funny).