A Nature editor speaks (partially)

Link: Nature Publishing Editor on the idea of a public scientific multimedia site « Pimm – Partial immortalization.

I achieved partial immortalization today on a science blog in my work persona, on the topic of scientific multimedia data-hosting sites (see link above).

Here is a wonderful example of multimedia science: mechanically morphing molecules, a (free access) videostream from the current issue of Nature.

But irrespective of all that, since I have started the authors’ and peer-reviewers’ blogs at Nature earlier this year, I sense integration in the air. Most unsettling, for a natural compartmentaliser.

1 thought on “A Nature editor speaks (partially)

  1. I’m not sure what you mean by integration. Is it the inclusion in a ‘community-approved public multimedia site (videos, audios, pictures) with open access supporting’ referred to in the link?

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