Pick up a penguin

Penguin_jumper I just had to share this picture from Inkycircus (which they found on a blog called Adorablog — from where I reproduce the lower picture). Yes, you see what you think you can see: penguins in sweaters.  From the Inkycircus post:

"The Tasmania Conservation Trust has long completed its "Penguin Jumper Project" where 15,000 mini-sweaters were collected to help save Little penguins (Eudyptula minor) in the event of an oil spill but hey, it’s still news to us. The idea goes like this. Oil spills. Gets everywhere. Clogs seagoing bird feathers and wrecks their ability to insulate Penguins_2 and waterproof. Plus, the penguins preen themselves to clean off the gunk, but get poisoned instead. This makes for sick and cold penguins. Solution? four ply wool + one pair No. 10 needles (old measurement) + one pair No. 12 needles (old measurement)  = penguin jumper!"

There is a link to the pattern at Inkycircus if you have some cold-looking penguins in your garden or at the local zoo, and want to cheer them up a bit. You can also see a fascinating set of comments to the Adorablog post, in which there is debate as to whether the project is real or not (it is, or rather, was), and  at least one person who describes the pink mohair sweaters she (?) knitted for it.

Mother’s day poem

Cathy gave me a card for mother’s day this year in which she had written out a poem called "Mother, any distance" by Simon Armitage. I like it so have placed it in my commonplace book, Loopholes of Retreat, if you’d like to read it.

The poem is from a collection called Book of Matches. From the Amazon synopsis: "The book is arranged in three sections. The first part, the "Book of Matches", is a series of sonnets. Each poem is designed to relay the urgency of a struck match, packed with discoveries, flashes of insights on family and life."