Bluestalking Reader: Thinking Blogger Awards

Thinkingbloggerpf8 I have just read this post: Bluestalking Reader: Thinking Blogger Awards, and see that Petrona has been nominated for a "thinking blog award". Thank you, Bluestalking Reader, for thinking of me in this context. It is most inspiring to receive an independent affirmation that the topics I write about are of some interest.

Now I have to nominate five blogs myself, and each nominee can post the picture, but crucially has to nominate his or her own five, and so on.  I am going to follow the brief and highlight some blogs where I feel that the posts really do reflect the thinking and individuality of the blogger. These are not necessarily my very favourite blogs, but they are all on my "daily read" list. So, in no particular order:

Debi Alper is a vibrant, energetic woman who is 100 per cent engaged in whatever she is writing about, a commitment that makes her blog magnetic. A completely generous spirit, she writes involved, thinking posts on all matter of social issues that trouble her conscience. She has written several excellent books. Her blog is by no means self-promotional; it is more of a window into an author’s life. But read her blog and you will be compelled to find Nirvana. Trade Tatiana. And, we all hope,  more.

It’s a crime! Or a mystery…. is the blog of Crimeficreader, made in Wales. CFR is a generous commenter and linker — I have discovered some excellent crime fiction blogs via hers. But the reason I highlight her blog here is because she is so supportive of authors, writing thoughtful reviews and articles about their books, tours and efforts. Above all, you can be guaranteed a thoughtful and individual perspective on the crime-fiction universe at this blog.

Keeper of the Snails, aka Clare Dudman, is a blog that has been "dark" for a while, but which I think will return to us. Clare is a thoughtful scientist-novelist, whose blog is replete with picture-essays and insightful observations.

The Deblog is a rather different "thinking" blog to the three above. Debra Hamel, from her famed subterranean lair (has she trademarked it yet?), solves the New York Times crossword, challenges us with the fiendishly simple Daily Set and provokes us with a scatological set of life-lessons. (Used toilet paper? Exploding bottoms? No problem.) And she reviews books too. Just go there, it is unclassifiable.

Sand Storm is the blog for you if you like your thinking short, punchy and funny.  Thankfully, he can’t keep away from us, however hard he tries. The blogger with a big heart and a humorous twist — don’t be fooled by his brevity, this guy (aka Steve Clackson) has it sussed.

Worrying about important matters

Language Log: Is he friends of a copy editor? Is he friends of a prominent couple in Columbus? Or is he a friend of a prominent couple in Columbus? Yes, some of us spend a lot of time worrying about questions like these, elucidated with painful precision at the link. I suppose it beats getting het up about global warming, inner-city crime and who will win the FA Cup Final.