WordPress by design

Web Writer has a beautiful new design. All off-the-peg and free. WordPress adds templates to its menu regularly; in addition to the lovely "Fjords04" current garb for Web Writer, there are several that allow customization. I used one of them, "Garland", on Web Writer for a while as you can make the leaderboard any vibrant colour of your choice. ("Garland" is the design showing on the Snap preview; "Fjords04" is what is on the site itself when you visit.)

Mrs WordPress’s problems continue, incidentally. "Mr. WordPress hunted me down, tracked my IP, and located me and Junior shacked up in a home for unwed mothers (I lied, so sue me). After he produced a marriage certificate, causing scandal and serious finger-pointing, he dragged me by the hair all the way home and proceeded to lock me up in the basement." She’s finally managed to escape, as described at this side-splitting post — whatever next?