Search for the cranky generation

Here’s a new one on me: age-relevant search. A site called cRANKy (TM) is specifically designed for the silver surfer. On its home page is a list of the most popular search items among the over-50s:

1. Sex; 2. longevity calculator; 3. sudoku; 4. eat healthy; 5. jobs after retirement; etc. I suppose they just made these up, as there is no information about how they arrived at these numbers or, indeed, how they know that the people doing the searching are over 50. I didn’t try it out so I don’t know if the speed of search is also age-related (i.e. slow and creaky).

If you go to the cranky site, though, you can find all kinds of things that over-50s are said to be interested in, complete with picture of smiling couple with white hair and lots of ads for anti-ageing devices of various kinds.

2 thoughts on “Search for the cranky generation

  1. My twenty-four year old son has an e-mail address that starts “crankyman”. Rather skews the demographics, doesn’t it? I think they should have named their site “Achy”.

  2. I read a Jakob Nielsen article about website usability for the elderly, and thought that the might one day be a top-level domain called .eld or .old, signifying websites designed to be used by the elderly.

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