Blizzards, shovels and frolics in Duluth

Our friends in Duluth, Petrona’s "twin town" (if blogs can be twinned), are swinging between climate extremes. This past Christmas was the region’s first "brown Christmas", but for the past week or so it has been experiencing "one of the fiercest blizzards in recent history".

Here is a report from the intrepid  Dave Lull, at the front line:

28 Feb:  "I’m backed up on my routine reading because over the weekend we had many inches of snow dumped on us and I spent too much time clearing snow from sidewalks and driveways.  I had hoped not to have to use my snowthrower at all this winter, for the first time ever, but I’d be a broken man physically today if I had tried to shovel all the snow that needed shoveling (when we first moved into this house, I used to clear the snow with only a shovel; I don’t know how I did it)."

And on 2 March: "we’re going through one of the worst blizzards I’ve ever seen here.  Not because of the amount of snow falling, which is nearing two feet in two days and still coming down, but because of the amount of snow plus the high winds, which were a constant 25 to 35 mph or so with very frequent gusts up to 50.  Had the appearance of a heavy fog outside yesterday afternoon and night.  Today it’s settled down some: light snow, winds still 25 to 35 mph but with weaker gusts.  We’re expecting another 4-6 inches of snow before it quits around 6 tonight. Good thing it’s not real cold, i.e. it’s in the high 20s F. The library was closed to the public yesterday because only a few of us made it in to work.  Today it’s closed again, even to the staff."

The report for 4 March is posted at Librarian’s Place. "…..We used shovels and snowblowers, scoops and Bobcats, pickup trucks and ATVs with plows, dump trucks and graders. Many Duluthians spent the morning trying to poke holes through 6-foot drifts to find their cars, and then find the ruts to the nearest plowed roads……"

General information and news about Duluth is available at the library blog  Reference at Duluth, at this link featuring Duluth’s "winter frolic song". 

1 thought on “Blizzards, shovels and frolics in Duluth

  1. Duluth is one of the coldest places in the U.S. of A., no doubt about it. Also the setting for one of my favorite novels: _Mr. Field’s Daughter_, by Richard Bausch.
    I, too, am in a snowy place. As daughter showers preparatory to a campus stroll, I look out the window at snow falling on (no, not cedars) asphalt, the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Express in Morgantown, WV. The WVU team is not called “The Mountaineers” for nothing — we drove through a snowstorm on a mtn. to get here last night. The wind was driving it into the windshield sideways and it was a hairy last hour to this town on the toes of the ridge.
    P’raps we’re getting Dave’s blizzard. Weather in the U.S. does travel west to east. Hi, Dave!

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