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Cathy has been telling me about a collaborative novel at a site called

"The competition starts on 1st January 2007, when we will invite all aspiring authors to submit the opening chapter of a story based either on an original idea or the plotline supplied by us. The first book published by will contain 5 stories, so 5 opening chapters will need to be selected and YOU will have the chance to influence which chapters are chosen. You can Read and Rate each submission and the chapters with the highest votes at the end of the Read and Rate week will go before our panel of judges for the final selection of the 5 winners.

Once the 5 winning chapters have been chosen, they will be published on The second submission window will then open and you will be able to write what you think should happen in chapter 2 in the story of your choice. You could of course try to write a second chapter for all 5 stories….This process will be repeated until we have 5 complete stories of approximately 6 chapters each."

Cathy had submitted her version of chapter 2, and although it was not selected, it was shortlisted. Someone from the site sent her a very nice email, providing feedback specific to the content of her chapter whch she found useful, and encouraging her to submit a chapter 3 (which she’s been doing today). Impressive.  See the scriblist site for advice for writing, details of timetables and how to submit.

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