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Petrona is the Typepad featured blog for today, 2 March 2007.  As Jenny strangely said when her father asked her what she thought of the new iron I bought the other day: "cool".

It does feel strange to have one’s blog reviewed through someone else’s eyes, that someone being (I presume) a Californian web technowiz, who has never met me and probably doesn’t have that many overlapping interests with a rapidly ageing English person.  Here’s an extract:


Petrona Maxine Clarke is a mega-blogger. She authors seven blogs, mostly about her love of books, publishing, and the writing world. Petrona is her personal blog, which shares the life and thoughts of a mother of two living in the South of England. Maxine has been a science journal editor for most of her working life, but in reading Petrona it can seem like she was reborn once she became a blogger. It started as an experiment, but then became substantially meaningful to her, if not her favorite personal pursuit.

Thank you, Typepad. I feel very grateful and honoured to have been selected, especially as I did not nominate myself (as I see is encouraged,  from the Everything Typepad page).

14 thoughts on “Typepad featured blog

  1. It’s a very good review, isn’t it, Maxine? Whoever is responsible for it has obviously done his or her homework because it’s quite accurate. Congratulations, you deserve much credit for the effort you put into blogging.

  2. Rock it up, Maxine! You are obviously a blogeuse to reckon with. And Petrona *is* a great blog. Long may you add your wit and wisdom to the Internet through it.

  3. Hi, Maxine,
    Last time I looked there weren’t all that many writer blogs.
    Now there seem to be lots and I look forward to visiting them all.
    I’m Sally Crawford. I manage a social science journal and look after baby novels and two cats.
    I found your site through Typepad (well done) and I am extremely impressed that you manage ?7, ?8 blogs and get any work done.

  4. Welcome fellow featured blogger!! isn’t it exciting when you are picked. According to Typepad I am Renaissance Woman which bucked me up no end I can tell you. Well done mega blogger how you find the time to do seven I do not know, I am lost in admiration

  5. Thanks Sally and Elaine. The other six aren’t “proper” blogs, they are just ways to archive book reviews, books I want to read that I’ve seen reviewed, interesting posts I’ve seen on various blogs, etc. Petrona is my “proper” blog.

  6. I feel extremely disorderly in comparison: I often just dump everything in the same ‘day’ file. Except for star acts like copyright forms (ah, copyright) and bills, etc. The same goes for my blog.
    But today or similar, inspired by that list on the right, I am going to interrogate the knowledge base on how to ‘create a new typelist’ and put my favourite links up.

  7. A well-deserved accolade – congratulations 😀
    I am also impressed with the accuracy of the review – nice to know someone bothered to genuinely research Petrona before featuring it – gives the accolade more substance, I feel.

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