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Link: London Underground Tube Diary – Going Underground’s Blog.

Planning to visit London? At the link are some extremely useful maps for visitors to our fair city. The length of time it takes to walk between stations for one; and the stations between which it is quicker to walk than to travel between by Tube, for another.

The Going Underground blog (link above) has a rather spooky regular Friday feature: strange garb worn by Tube travellers, taken surreptitiously by "Annie Mole" and her fellow Tube spy bloggers — with associated Flikr area. Take my advice, don’t wear Ugg boots or anything metallic if you visit London and plan to use the Tube. You have been warned.

3 thoughts on “Walk the tube

  1. When I was in my teens, I spent two summer vacations in London as a guest of extended family. I will never forget a bit of graffiti in simple black lettering that appeared along the District/Circle lines: “I am a passionate soul crying out in this torturous mediocrity.” They were impressionable words for a teen. Those summers abroad were likely a big part of why I eventually went into international sales at a publisher.

  2. I see this in Montreal too. Related: people who insist on taking the metro, changing lines even, when the bus route is faster and more direct; people who walk great distances underground (we have a vast underground network of passages and shopping malls), usually to a metro station, when they could walk outside and cross the street to get to where they’re going (although the warmth is sometimes worth the extra leg work in winter).

  3. Yes, Isabella, agreed — but that’s why these maps are so useful for tourists. I know, for example, that it is pretty pointless changing from Picadilly to Jubilee lines at Green Park or vice versa, but great to switch to/from Victoria and Bakerloo southbound at Oxford Circus, but would a visitor?
    That having been said, there is also the “let’s get the Tube from Charing X to Embankment” mentality, when the gap between the stations is less than the length of the train.
    Marydell: yes, good graffiti. Still some of it about, though I haven’t seen one that good for some years, maybe for ever.

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