Writer’s choice: Clare Dudman

Link: normblog: Writer’s choice 91: Clare Dudman.

There is a lovely piece on the normblog this week by Clare Dudman, who discusses Wild Boy by Jill Dawson.

"Victor has been brought up by wolves. There are local stories of his being suckled by them, of his living with them and almost becoming one of them – and the third-person narrative tells this story with a delicate touch. This precarious existence is brought to an end when he is spied in a village, captured and sent to the institute for the deaf in Paris. Here he encounters the ambitious Dr Itard who views the child as an ‘extraordinary opportunity that has walked out of the forest and into my life’. This is where the story starts. Dr Itard is determined to make his name by teaching Victor to talk."

Read Clare’s article, and short autobiography, at the normblog link above.

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