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Link: World Book Day in Harrogate – John Baker’s Blog.

Here’s the best thing I’ve read about World Book Day, which happens this Thursday (1 March). John Baker is in Harrogate and being interviewed on Radio York. "10.30am to 11.30am. You can listen live on the Radio York site or tune in to: 103.7FM, 104.3FM or 95.5FM."

John writes excellent crime fiction books and has a blog which I like a lot — it is most definitely not an "author marketing his book" blog whose main aim is to sell his books, but is a thinking, personal and poetic blog, complete with various samples of John’s writing and his advice to other writers. I can’t think of a blogger/published author who gets both activities as spot-on as John. Any thoughts?

4 thoughts on “John Baker on the radio

  1. No argument with you about John Baker – I read him regularly – but I think Clare Dudman is another who gets the blogger/published writer combination just right, though in a very different way.

  2. I agree about Clare’s excellent blog; I was also thinking after writing the above that so is Jenny Davidson’s (primarily a book about her reading) and Debi Alper’s (often socio-political). John, however, incorporates posts about “how to write” that don’t seem prescriptive but at the same time impart wisdom about the techniques writers use which, from an editor’s point of view, is a dimension to the blog that I very much like. Clare’s, Debi’s and Jenny’s blogs, and others, provide a rich palette of many colours; one of the pleasures of the daily rss trawl.

  3. Freudian typo above: J D’s is a “blog” about her reading, not a “book”, though if she turned it into a book it would be a very good one!

  4. Yes, after posting my comment I also thought I should have added Light Reading. And of course there are other favourites but I don’t want to become tiresome by listing them. More interesting might be to consider how some of these blogs differ from the authors’ fictional voices, and if that is precisely part of their appeal.

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