Glorious games

The Times has been publishing a run of correspondence on the relative behaviours, and hence class structures, of soccer and rugby football supporters. The stimulus was a national agreement at the lack of crowd atmosphere at Twickehnam (home of the English rugby team, the ground being a handful of miles from Petrona Towers). An offering from Thursday:

"Sir, Some rugby supporters do tend to be well spoken (letters, Feb 16 and 17). In one match at Durham City many years ago, the referee was perhaps not having his greatest game. This prompted one exasperated chap to shout: "Do you have a solicitor, referee?"

Even the poor official chuckled.

Daniel H. Hinge [etc]"

Today’s contribution:

"Sir, Many years ago I attended a game at Hull City, where the advertised strengths of a recent signing including his ability to marshall midfield defences. As the game progressed, and those skills became difficult to detect, a lone voice boomed: ‘You’re supposed to be a schemer! Scheme, you bastard, scheme!’

Andy Cowie [etc]".