New series on It’s a Crime!

Crimeficreader of "Its a crime! (or a mystery…)  is starting a new series called "Authors from previous years: where are they now?" What a great idea.  I’ve often wondered "what happened" to an author of a book I’ve read ages ago and enjoyed. Did they ever write any more books? Well, now we can find out. Please leave suggestions of your own favourite but forgotten authors  in the comments of Crimeficreader’s post to which I’ve linked here.

(By the way, Typepad spell check’s suggestion for "Crimeficreader" is "Triumvirate".)

6 thoughts on “New series on It’s a Crime!

  1. I didn’t know Crimeficreader has a blog! I’ve read her comments many times and considered her part of the ‘club’, but could it be that she hasn’t been including her blog URL in her comments? I’m 99.9% sure that I would have checked a half dozen times before concluding that she wasn’t blogging…

  2. Susan,
    I’m 99.9% sure I put my URL in. (However, I’m also 0% certain that it comes typo free as I always forget to check!)
    You know so much more about Typepad than me – I didn’t know it had a spell check function! But I think I shall return to my proper name after this comment…

  3. The spell check function is pretty useless, actually — but if you look at the right of the “toolbar” across the top of the blogging window, you’ll see a little “ABC”. That’s it.
    Yes, Susan, Crimeficreader has a much better established blog than Petrona’s mere neophyte offering. Well worth including it in your very select few blogs that you visit regularly.

  4. Oh, well there it is! Popped up right away when I placed my cursor over “Triumvirate”. I’m so sorry I’ve missed the blog up ’til now!

  5. Thanks Maxine.
    Susan, my blog is definitely not more established than Petrona! But where Maxine has an eclectic mix of posts and is very informative on lots of topics, you’ll find mine concentrates on… crime fiction. I hope you drop by some time.

  6. I’ve already visited, thank you Crimeficreader! I added a link from my blog too – sorry I didn’t have it up sooner!

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